FabricMaker Professional Inkjet Fabric and FabricMaker Professional Textile Inks are a matched component set. For washable, commercial quality fastness, use only FabricMaker ink with FabricMaker fabric.

FabricMaker Printing Instructions

  • Ensure all printer settings and graphics software settings are configured correctly prior to printing
  • For best results - load & print one sheet of FabricMaker fabric at a time
  • Allow fabric to air dry before handling and heat setting

FabricMaker Heat Setting and Washing Instructions

  • FabricMaker prints must be heat set after printing to provide commercial-quality wash fastness and resistance to crocking
  • Always remove the paper backing before heat fixation of the fabric
  • Prints must be dry to the touch prior to heat fixation to obtain optimum wash fastness and resistance to crocking

Hand Iron Procedure

  • Min. 1200 watt recommended
  • Cover image with parchment paper for protection
  • Adjust iron settings to cotton or highest temperature setting
  • Iron printed image for 3- 3 ½ minutes without stopping to achieve effective cure temperature
    • Move iron briskly over the image, providing constant heat to the image
    • No distinct pattern necessary, just focus on covering the entire image
    • Keep iron moving to avoid scorching fabric

Clamshell Heat Press Procedure

  • Set pressure to 40 psi
  • Set heat to 310° F / 155° C
  • Press 60 seconds for full cure

Laundry Recommendations

  • Wash
    • Cold Water ≈ 70° F (For Wash Cycle & Rinse)
    • Delicate Wash Setting (Low Agitation)
    • Standard laundry detergent - without any additives / phosphate free
    • Dilute detergent with fill water before adding fabrics – do not pour detergent directly on fabric
    • Full Load Wash Only, Do not Wash Individually
  • Dry: Low Heat, Standard Cycle
  • Dry Clean